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Suffering due to another’s incompetence isn’t fair, and can leave you injured, out of work, and financially struggling. In the most extreme cases, wrongful death can occur. This is unacceptable, and our firm is here to bring you justice.

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  • Automobile, boating, motorcycle, and trucking accidents
  • Medical malpractice – birth injuries, dental accidents
  • Product defects


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Personal Injury


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Personal injuries are often caused by a person’s incompetence or negligence. When someone becomes injured through no fault of their own, they may have the right to pursue the responsible person for their injuries and damages. Though some injured people feel they will be given a fair settlement through the insurance company, they quickly learn this is often not the case. To receive fair compensation takes a concerted approach to protecting the injured victim’s rights. It is imperative that Illinois citizens who have been injured by someone else get the legal guidance they need by hiring great legal respresentation, such as Armstrong & Surin, the top personal injury attorneys in LaSalle County.

A personal injury lawyer will first sit down with a client and allow them to tell their story on how their injury occurred. This account is crucial for the case because it gives the attorney information that is needed for pursuing the insurance company and the person responsible for the injuries. The attorney will need to review police reports, medical reports, medical bills, damage reports, eyewitness statements and case precedents to determine how best to pursue a case.

The lawyer working on a personal injury case will often first attempt to seek fair compensation through the insurance company if one is attached to a case. Dealing with the insurance company on a case is often the most difficult aspect and can lead to frustration and delays. If the claim is denied or an unfair settlement amount is offered, the attorney has the option of pursuing the case in a trial.

Though trials are not always the most desired way to pursue personal injury claims, court intervention is often needed to ensure an injured person receives a fair settlement amount. With a trial, the attorney can present ample evidence and even bring in eyewitnesses and medical professionals to testify. In a trial, the jury is held responsible for making a determination on who is held liable for the plaintiff’s injuries and how much compensation is awarded.

Personal injury cases include car accidents, assault, medical negligence, wrongful death and slip and falls. Before attempting to go through a case alone, it can behoove an injured party to consult with a lawyer to determine what would be the best steps to take towards the goal of receiving fair compensation. Personal injury attorneys do not charge for their services unless their client wins.

Those who have been seriously injured in accidents that were not their fault need to be aware they have rights for pursuing compensation. Contact Armstrong & Surin, the top personal injury attorneys in Ottawa, Illinois, and allow us to help.