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We understand how difficult going through a divorce is. Of course, if there are children in the picture it is difficult to explain these new circumstances to your them, but even without children it can still be an immense undertaking. That’s why Armstrong & Surin has been practicing family law for so long in LaSalle Count, IL. We know that you need someone with the knowledge and expertise in order to fully trust the scenarios that may unfold. Our commitment is to always provide you with the facts and lay out all of your options in order to help you make an informed decision that is best for you and your family.

You’ll always feel safe, understood, and confident when you’re our client. We know you’re going through a trying time, and we care. Family law consists of:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Paternity
  • Visitation
  • Adoption
  • Child support


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Divorce family separation law

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful situations a person has to deal with. Though divorce focuses on the end of a marriage, there are many more issues involved in the process. Divorces are especially difficult when children are involved. It is important those who are seeking a divorce find the legal help they need through a Divorce Attorney in LaSalle County. Trying to go through a divorce without legal help can make things more confusing and stressful.

Meeting with the divorce lawyers in Ottawa, Illinois will allow a person to better understand their rights as they are going through their divorce. The first step in ending a marriage is deciding on the grounds and filing a petition. It is crucial a person has a lawyer to help them through this process so their spouse can be properly served and the divorce can proceed with as few problems as possible.

Once the court date has been set, many couples will go through mediation meetings with all parties and their attorneys. These meetings are designed to help couples resolve any settlement disagreement issues and come to a mutual agreement on the issues affecting their family after the divorce. During these meetings, people will discuss child custody, visitation agreements (including criminal law visitation if needed), property splits and debt settlement. If the couple can come to an agreement, a judge will draw up the documents and both parties will make them legally binding once they sign.

Sometimes, divorces can be difficult and family court is needed to resolve issues and properly settle the divorce. A family court judge will preside over these proceedings and will determine who gets custody, the amount of spousal and child support and property splits. Any decision made by the judge must be adhered to or the case may be brought back to family court for a reevaluation.

It sometimes can be a lengthy process to go through a divorce. Generally speaking, uncontested divorces are typically settled faster than contested ones. Hiring a lawyer early in the process can help the divorce to proceed as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Those who are facing divorce need not go through it alone. Contact a lawyer in Ottawa Il and learn how they can help a person examine the issues surrounding their divorce and make tough decisions. A lawyer can guide a client through the entire process and give them greater peace of mind as they end their marriage and start their new life.