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Criminal charges are complicated, frightening, and require expert counsel. Depending on your offense, you could be facing imprisonment, fines, and many other consequences. Our attorneys will fight tooth and nail to get you the most favorable outcome that we can.

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Criminal Defense


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No one ever intends to be arrested and charged with a crime, yet there are times when people do find themselves in exactly that situation. It can be a frightening and confusing experience, especially for people who are not familiar with how the justice system works. Some people don’t even understand the unique vocabulary of legalese, or what their rights might be. Unfortunately, there have been instances in which a person’s ignorance of the legal and judicial systems proved devastating. One sure way to avoid making any unnecessary mistakes should you find yourself in such a circumstance is to seek representation from the pool of criminal defense lawyers in Ottawa Illinois.

Not only do criminal charges often include the potential for imprisonment, but there are the negative consequences of possessing a criminal record to consider. For example, convicted felons are not permitted to own firearms. A criminal record often makes it more difficult for a person to secure gainful employment – and even purchase real estate. In some states, those who have been convicted of a felon are ineligible for certain kinds of housing, not allowed to vote or hold office, and are denied federal financial aid for college. To avoid such dire consequences, it is of utmost importance that anyone accused of a crime hire one of the outstanding criminal defense attorneys in LaSalle County to fight for their rights and orchestrate their defense.

Many innocent people have lost their cases and have been sent to prison as a consequence of not hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent them. The attorney you select should specialize in criminal defense. The lawyer who perhaps got you out of a traffic ticket last year, or does personal injury cases, or who prepared your will, won’t do. You’ll want someone who is aggressive and informed, who knows the law and who has excellent local connections. You also need someone who will explain terminology and procedure to you in such a way that you understand what is taking place. Look for a defense attorney who has a great record winning cases similar to your own.

No matter what crime it is that you’ve been accused of committing, know that in all likelihood, there are circumstances involved that a seasoned attorney will understand better than you. Your attorney may well see loopholes that you do not. His knowledge of the law may enable him to spot irregularities in the details of your arrest, or inconsistencies that will perhaps bode favorably for you. Don’t take chances with either your freedom or your reputation – hire the best attorney you can find.